Chiropodist and podiatrist in Guildford, Surrey

Walking on Air is a busy clinic, situated in a quiet part of Surrey, which provides a varied range of treatments for your feet, body and skin.

Chiropodist, Podiatrist, expert in joints and muscle problems and Skin Care Specialist all under one roof in Guildford, providing people of all ages and abilities with a varied range of therapeutic answers to address to their foot, body and skin challenges.

The aim of the clinical practice is to offer people a bigger picture, encouraging solutions that enable people to exceed their expectations, be comfortably mobile and to function with confidence, to their full potential, at whatever stage in life they happen to be.

Owner/practitioner, Jane Lee, who has great respect for good old fashioned solid workmanship, and loves to take a pride in her work, is qualified / licensed in the following:

  • HCPC Registered Podiatrist since 1999
  • Licensed Marigold Therapist since 2010
  • Qualified Dept of Education Teacher with 25 yrs teaching experience
  • Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist first qualified in massage 2000
  • Advanced Skin Care Specialist and Cosmetologist since 2001
  • Wellness Practitioner since 2012
  • Certified Life Coach and Advanced NLP Practitioner since 2010
  • Emmett Practitioner since 2011

Walking On Air is a Pain Relief Consultancy, and it offers expert advice and professional treatment to people of all ages with a range of therapies and treatments.

I am here and very happy to advise, so it is not necessary to know what therapy you need – with my extensive expertise and knowledge I will offer you, without pressure, a number of solutions to choose from to fit your needs.

Please ring 01483 454 000 or e mail to arrange for an appointment, or to arrange a time for a discussion regarding your requirements

We also have a shop attached to our clinic, which sells high-quality skincare and foot treatments.

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."

~Marcel Proust

Call now for Pain Relief on 01483 454 000 where parking charges and traffic jams are not a problem